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Hummingbird Furnishings – Belize wicker, rattan, bamboo, resin furniture manufacturer

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

bamboo furniture Hummingbird has grown as the tourism industry in Belize has grown. We probably furnished 80% of the resorts and tourist establishment in Belize. There is a growing popularity to from the heavy upholstered hot furniture to something light tropical, romantic and beautiful. The product evolved with input from the customers. We can custom make the colour, size, shape to exactly what that customer wants. Primarily our customer are tourist establishments, hotels, condominiums, restaurants but over the years we have seen a gradual increase in sales to Belizeans who have now come to appreciate that they are buying an air loom product that is built for a lifetime. I always wanted to realize my dream, start my own business from scratch; with a six thousand dollar loan I began the business in my garage with one employee. We grew to about six workers in that garage and it got crowded, people would come and ask for the boss and I looked like just all the other workers because I was down the trenches. But all along I knew exactly where I wanted to take this business and over the years with retained earnings we were able to make the investment as we could afford and each year we grew by two or three employees and today twenty three years later we employ about 52 people. Our employees mostly come here unskilled, I have seen them come here single, get married, start a family. I have always believe from day one that my workers want the same thing I want hence we have a very low turnover of employees. Over the years as the lumber supplies depleted in our country, we realize that we need to replenish that and so Hummingbird has established a program to plant teak, and other species of wood to annually reduce the dependency of imported raw materials and eventually fully make a one hundred percent Belizean product. This is the culmination of what I had envisioned.

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CASA TORTUGA EN BAMBU/ turtle house with bamboo strips Peru

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

bamboo house Turtle house using bamboo strips developed in the rural coast area of Peru, area affected by last earthquake 2007. contact

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