Use Your iPhone or Android To Earn Giftcards (Bamboo Wallet + JunoWallet)

bamboo gift The Best way to earn credits is through invites, MY INVITE CODE IS DE111349, if you haven’t signed up yet, please use my invite code and then share it around to your friends, that way we all win. And again anyone that claims they will give you more than $.25 is lying.

If you would like to possibly receive an app as a gift, Check my video to Free My Apps, follow the directions and start using it. Download 2 sponsor apps and then write me on my Facebook fan page, telling me what app you would like

Also if you want to enter into a contest for a $25 iTunes Gift Card, check the link below

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below, I am always quick to respond.

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4 Responses to “Use Your iPhone or Android To Earn Giftcards (Bamboo Wallet + JunoWallet)”

  1. DylansWisdom says:

    @redsoxguy58111 …
    @redsoxguy58111 Sick man. Have you seen my video on Free My Apps, its a great way to earn applications. Check it out

  2. DylansWisdom says:

    @minecraftrob1 Once …
    @minecraftrob1 Once you have downloaded the application and started using it (and signed up) it is to late to enter the code. If you just downloaded it, it should give you the option when you first go to sign up, for me it popped up on the tutorial page. Hope this helps

  3. redsoxguy58111 says:

    HEY my name in the …
    HEY my name in the invite :D when you show the history its the first one :D

  4. minecraftrob1 says:

    how do I enter the …
    how do I enter the code, I already downloaded juno wallet ?

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